iUtkarsh Methodology is a research project to find out suitable solutions for the following challenges, faced by our Indian education system:

  • Teaching is standard & not flexible as per the student’s interest and pace.
  • Teaching aids are limited and repetitive. No new innovations in this area.
  • Smart classes are limited to mostly projectors only.
  • Music and dance are limited to rhymes and no professional training.
  • Children are vulnerable but still no teaching on self-defense or how to handle unwanted situations like bullying or abusing.
  • Parents and grand parents’ roles are limited to Parent -Teacher Meetings or Annual functions only.
  • No creativity on the part of making new stories or rhymes & encouraging the kids to do so.
  • Class layout is still the same as it was 200 years ago, so a child sitting in the last row would be perceived as a stupid or lazy student.
  • Teaching is limited to pressurize the children to memorize the subject but no guidance is given as to how to learn & utilize the knowledge.
  • No emphasis and motivation on framing questions, enquiring & analyzing.

Likewise, there are many other aspects & all of them let the way towards a new teaching methodology: iUtkarsh™, which is unique & answers all the grey areas of teaching. Therefore, we recognize iUtkarsh™ as the most rewarding & revolutionary child education program.